Setup or install Drupal 8.x on free hosting with Pantheon

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How to host, setup and install Drupal 8.x site on free hosting service.

Final output

By the end of the article we would able to host and install a Drupal 8.x CMS site for free by using Pantheon hosting provider services.

Free host and installation of Drupal 8.x site final output
Free host and installation of Drupal 8.x site final output

Most of the time you wonder about how to host Drupal 8 site for free by easy configuration and installation. Pantheon is one of the best option for our problem.

Why Pantheon?
The fastest, most reliable WebOps platform with enterprise-grade security and customer support. Build best-in-class WordPress and Drupal sites with agile workflows, scalable infrastructure, and a lightning-fast content delivery network.

So here is step by step easy guide to setup Drupal 8.x site using Pantheon.
Just follow the below given steps.

So, Let’s get started 🙂


1. Go on actual Pantheon website
(They have Free trail where we can host 2 CMS sites without any time limit)

Now just login by Connecting with Google account or you can create free account and then login with your email account.

Login or create free account on pantheon
Login with Google or create free account on pantheon

2. After we logged in successfully, We can see a dashboard where we can create 2 sandbox sites.
To create a site click on Create New Site.

After logged in create site dashboard.
After logged in create site dashboard.

3. Create Pantheon site form will appear.
Mention your Pantheon site name, Choose your desired region and at last click on Continue.
You can see the development site URL as well.

Creating pantheon site screen
Creating pantheon site screen

4. The next step is to choose CMS. Just select Drupal 8 from the list and click Deploy.

They are providing 3 types of CMS hosting and installation WordPress, Drupal 8 and Drupal 7.

Choose Drupal 8 CMS
Select Drupal 8 CMS

5. After Pantheon Drupal 8 site created successfully click on Visit dashboard.
In dashboard we can see the hosting settings. We can connect with SFTP if we want and to visit our site simply click on Visit Development site to see user site or Site Admin for admin panel.

Pantheon Drupal 8 Site creation done.
Pantheon Drupal 8 Site creation done

Awesome our Pantheon Drupal 8 site hosted 🙂
Now, Let’s configure our Drupal 8 site and start using it.

6. Click on Site Admin button from dashboard.

There are 3 steps to completely configure Drupal 8 site on Pantheon.
1. Choose your desired language.
2. Select Standard installation profile
3. Provide site information.

Note: On site information section. Username and password will be the credentials of administrator account user for admin panel.

Finally after successfully hosted and installed our Drupal 8 Pantheon site for free. 
The last and important part is to enable module installation button inside Extend section. So, later on we can install modules easily.

For that simply Go to Manage -> Extend and click on update script.

That’s it 🙂

Update script to enable Install module.

Congratulations now you can use Drupal 8 site with free hosting using Pantheon with no time limit ❤️

Video guidance

Install Drupal 8 site on Pantheon free hosting
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